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Am I Hawt?

1)Name: Juliet
2)Age: 16 (almost 17)
3)Location: Los Angeles, CA
4)Bi/Lesbian: bisexual and proud!
5)What is your best feature: hmm... all around, I think my caring and empathy and wanting others to be happy... but physically... haha, gotta go w/ the breasts! ;) though i've been told I have a nice ass too :P
6)What is your worst feature: i think i'm overweight... :( but not necessarily physically... i'm pretty crazy, lol! and occasionally oversensitive :/
6)Five favorite bands/singers:
*dresden dolls
*alanis morisette
*no doubt (my first concert, man!)
*matchbox 20
7)Five favorite tv shows:
*that 70's show
*mad about you
*that's my baby (on animal planet, :P)
8)Five favorite movies:
*practical magic
*eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
*edward scissor hands
*benny and joon
*ever after
9)Pick a quote and then explain why you picked it: "everything will be alright in the end... if it's not alright, then it's not the end..." i try to live by that... i get depressed a lot and go through a lot of hard times... but i really do believe that everything happens for a reason... so i try to keep that in mind
10)If you had one wish, what would it be: to be honestly and truly happy... whatever that entails...
11)Why should you be accepted: cuz i'm a hot bi girl lookin' for a lady to cuddle! :D
12)Promote us to one other community, or two other users,and post the link:
Promotion #1
Promotion #2


that last ones a kinda bad pic of my face but whatever...

hope i get in! :P
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