Chey-Anne( AKA: CiCi) (darkangel8c) wrote in hawt_bi_babes,
Chey-Anne( AKA: CiCi)


1)Name: Cici
2)Age:  about to turn 14
3)Location: la villa tx... it's not exactly worth mentioning. But the shopping is great.
4)Bi/Lesbian: Bi
5)What is your best feature: my face and body
6)What is your worst feature: hair
6)Five favorite bands/singers: fallout boy mcr guns and roses GREEN DAY gorillaz etc
 7)Five favorite tv shows: degrassi mtv hits lol and order um..csi new york csi miami
8)Five favorite movies: mr and mrs smith lol war of the worlds exorcism of emily rose exorcism 1 exorcism 2
9)Pick a quote and then explain why you picked it: "
"better to be hated for who u r then to be loved for who ur not" because  if ur bneing urself and u still have haters its only becuase of jealousy change for noone if someone loves  you for who ur NOT its not worth it..forget em'
10)If you had one wish, what would it be: to find true love i guess... everyone  always leaves me so yea
11)Why should you be accepted: cause im cool liek that lol jk im fun ...ny lookign lol jk i have a great personality / body and i love to be humorous and have a good  time
12)Promote us to one other community, or two other users,and post the link:

im kinda do i do that?

 and nopw for the pics .... and finally!@!! >  lol thats all the pics i have of me lol

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