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Am I Hawt?


1)Name: Christine
2)Age: Almost 17
3)Location: Ontario, Canada
4)Bi/Lesbian: Bisexual, but I'm really only attracted to older men.
5)What is your best feature: My smile/lips.
6)What is your worst feature: My nose, ugh.
6)Five favorite bands/singers: U2, Placebo, Madonna, Bjork, Dido.
7)Five favorite tv shows: Queer as Folk, Dr. Phil, America's Next Top Model, the Red Shoe Diaries, and Wild On...(star)
8)Five favorite movies: Quills, Better than Chocolate, the Aviator, Sin City, and Modern Times (Charlie Chaplin).
9)Pick a quote and then explain why you picked it: "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." It's so true, because women don't really need men! They just need happiness and security and affection, all of which you can get from a beautiful girl.
10)If you had one wish, what would it be: To find my soulmate and be together forever.
11)Why should you be accepted: Because I'm hawt and I always stay active in communities.
12)Promote us to one other community, or two other users, and post the link:


body shot:

Happy voting, girls.

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